Consumer Issues

Retail investors need strong consumer rules to protect them: finance is full of traps and you cannot take a pension back if you find it doesn’t work.

Increasingly, retail investors also want to know what their money is being used for, as awareness grows that investment has social as well as financial consequences.

Among the many rules on retail investment, Financeorwatch has been working on these areas:

  • protecting investors and financial sector workers from bad sales incentives (read more)
  • explaining the fundamental difference between productive investments that support the real economy and financial bets. The debate about commodity funds and “food speculation” is part of this discussion (see our MiFID 2 report “Investing not Betting”)
  • making sure investors have the right information to compare and understand financial products (see blog)
  • keeping things simple, so the widely popular UCITS funds, which have special regulatory protection, are not overwhelmed by unsuitable new investment practices (see the UCITS dossier for more information).


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