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1 December 2014MNI Euro InsightBanks Keep Pushing for Looser EU Rules on Trading Activity
27 November 2014Financial TimesHalf of Europe’s biggest lenders face EU curbs
21 November 2014Financial TimesCall to close ‘loophole’ that allows shadowy short selling
13 October 2014BloombergECB Tested by Banks Amassing Capital With Four-Year Life
5 October 2014Herald ScotlandBritain's euro fox without fangs
1 October 2014Lafferty InsightsHow finance can best serve society while still doing good business - Benoît Lallemand
29 September 2014EuropoliticsCRD IV: Commission’s impact assessment at issue
25 June 2014Market News InternationalESM Recap Tool Does Not Resolve 'Doom Loop' Scenario
21 June 2014The EconomistCounting the cost of finance
22 April 2014ReutersBankers win friends again in Europe with lure of easy money